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New episodes coming soon!!

Signup and stay tuned for my new podcast "Counting Beans".

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#27-Discussing all things healthcare with Joel Belding!!

Join Scott, Bob and special guest; Joel Belding who is a healthcare broker expert and has been in the industry for over 11 years! He works for one of the largest employee benefit only firms in the country! Joel is incredibly knowledgeable and explains the many ins and outs of health plans plus much more!

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#26-The ins and outs of car buying!

There are many details surrounding the purchase of a new or used vehicle, such as; evaluating the depreciation of the vehicle, down payments, doing research on the vehicle(s) you are interested in, knowing your budget, is it better to buy or lease…just to name a few. Join us as we discuss some real-life experiences as well as tips to make sure you are prepared for your next car buying adventure! #financials #CarsTrucksVansOhMy #DoYourResearch #NewSetOfWheels

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#25-Investing for Beginners

If someone asked you how to start investing would you know where and how to start? What if you were provided with knowledge and shown how easy it can be, would you do it then? Investing right now means you are investing in your future! Join us as we discuss important items on investing basics and just a little advanced information also. #financials #InvestForYourFuture #BackToTheBasics #KnowledgeIsPower