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Prelude Financial is a financial planning and investment management firm with a strong belief that with the right guidance and planning, you can live your best financial future. We dig deep to understand our clients’ circumstances, concerns and goals, proposing answers to enhance financial success. Independent and objective, we provide unbiased advice focused on a client’s best interests, sorting the entire marketplace to recommend optimal, tailored solutions at the most reasonable cost. Our clients tell us it is like having their own chief financial officer for their personal business. Whether you are looking to save for your retirement, help your kids with education or looking to maximize your retirement planning. You set your goals and bring them to us, and we will work with you to take control of your finances to live the life you envision

We are a fee-only firm, which means that clients pay us to help maximize their wealth. Our firm does not receive commissions, bonuses or incentives from other institutions for referring their services. We are a fiduciary agent for our clients. We work comprehensively to integrate all facets of a client’s financial life. Further, we work as adept coordinators when issues arise that require us to call on outside experts – from your team of trusted advisors or from our network of specialists in diverse disciplines.

Tax Efficient

We maintain a keen eye on the tax efficiency of your plan to improve the overall success of your planning.


We are only compensated by you. This transparent fee structure ensures we provide objective advice with your best interest in mind. We have no products to sell and receive no commissions and have no hidden fees.


As an independent financial advisory firm we work solely in the best interest of our clients. Without the incentive to recommend proprietary products we are able to act as a fiduciary and put your best interest first.

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You’ve done a lot right in your financial life. However, your finances have become complicated over the years and you no longer feel completely confident you are making the best financial decisions for your family. You are looking for someone you can trust to evaluate your situation, provide unbiased advice, and help you achieve your vision of financial success.

Using our expertise in financial planning, investment management and tax planning we help:

Mid-Career Professionals

Who are trying to build a great life for their family


Who are looking to ensure their finances are in order before retirement.


Who need help managing their assets to create income in a tax efficient manner to support the retirement lifestyle they envision

We help simplify your finances and design an action plan to optimize your money so you can live your best financial life. If this feels like you feel schedule an appointment online now or give me a call. I am happy to discuss your situation to see how I can best help you in creating the life you envision. 

Scott Haley CFP®, EA, CDFA® Photo

Scott Haley CFP®, EA, CDFA®

Owner / Financial Advisor
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The Professional Side

I am the founder of Prelude Financial, a firm dedicated to providing unbiased conflict free advice to help you create the life you envision for you and your family. I help my clients think through difficult financial tradeoffs to come up with solutions they can comfortably live with. I take pride in getting to know every detail of my client’s financial lives so that I can build a well thought out, carefully tailored plan to help accomplish the goals you’ve set for yourself.

I serve a broad range of clients, ranging from mid-career professionals to retirees. Prior to forming Prelude Financial, I worked for some of Ohio's larger wealth management firms. Using my past experience I crafted Prelude Financial to be a firm as sophisticated as a boutique wealth management firm while not restricting itself to younger individuals.

The Personal Side

I grew up in Wadsworth and was often referred to as the son of Wadsworth Music. So if you or your children ever took music lessons you have probably met me at one point or another. Growing up with such a deep connection to my local community was truly a great experience, and gave me the opportunity to get to know so many families in the area.

Outside of the office I enjoy spending time with my wonderful wife and daughter. I try to spend as much time outdoors when the weather permits, biking, backpacking swimming and most importantly being with my family.

I graduated Cum Laude from The University of Akron with a Bachelors degree in Finance and Business Administration, and continued my education to become a  CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER (CFP). After working in the industry for a few years I furthered my education to earn the Enrolled Agent (EA) and CERTIFIED DIVORCE FINANCIAL ANALYST (CDFA) designations. 

—  Every client is unique  —


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We are independent and objective, so we design plans based on your best interest to serve as a road map for your financial life.

Our planning typically follows this process:

  • Where do you want to go? What are your goals?
  • Can we get there, and how?
  • Create and implement a comprehensive financial plan and investment strategy
  • Review consistently - review at least once per year and adjust to life changes accordingly


Retirement Planning

Establish a safe withdrawal rate

Is there a tax efficient distribution method?

What accounts should I liquidate first?

Cash Flow Management

How should I payoff debt while still saving for the future?

What is the best way to reduce my debt to make life easier?

How much should I save each year?

Investment Analysis

Are my investments causing me to pay too much in taxes?

Am I comfortable with the amount of risk I am taking?

Risk Management & Insurance Planning

What type of insurance is appropriate?

Do I have the right amount of insurance to protect my family?

Debt Management

What debts should I payoff first?

What debts should I keep?

Tax Planning

How do I reduce my tax burden?

How can I simplify my taxes so it's easier to file?

Education Planning

Should I use a 529 plan for savings?

Estate Planning

Do I have the right documents in place?

Establish Financial Goals

What do I really want out of life?

Investing can get complicated, so we aim to simplify it and help maximize your potential using research, analysis, and evidence based investment strategies rather than luck or guesswork.

Our comprehensive investment advisory services are designed to consistently maximize your investment returns while minimizing tax consequences and volatility. Beginning with your financial goals and concerns, we develop a customized investment strategy, considering your target rate of return and risk tolerance. We review your investment performance regularly and recommend appropriate changes on an ongoing basis. Compared to the typical mutual fund portfolio, Asset Class Investing can offer:

  1. Lower overall costs
  2. Improved tax efficiency
  3. Increased diversification
  4. Better risk exposure to an asset class
  5. Potentially better long-term performance 

While it’s impossible to control the market, our disciplined approach aims to capture the highest market return based on your personal comfort for risk. Maintaining this disciplined approach gives you the best chance of being able to achieve the long-term investment returns to accomplish your plan.  

Download our free white paper "the Importance of Maintaining a Disciplined Investment Approach" to learn how to take control of your investments.

The Importance of Maintaining Discipline 

Divorce is not only emotionally taxing it's also a major financial issue that if done wrong can lead to financial distress.

Once a family has decided to live separately, we believe our work helps them build a healthy, secure foundation for the new life they seek and perhaps were meant to live.  Including our goal to guide you through this time, we seek to change how we divorce for the better for anyone walking this path.

  • We securely collect the requested documentation for the family
  • We meet to discuss the transition and address your fears directly with facts not emotion
  • We demonstrate your financial security post-divorce
  • Most importantly, we listen to understand your concerns and educate you so that you are the in control of your future.

Once the divorce is finalized we move into the recovery phase. Recovering from divorce can in some instances be more complicated than the divorce itself. It's hard letting go of the goals you and your ex spouse dreamt of throughout your marriage; however, it's ok to be a bit selfish and focus on your goals and dreams.

Download a copy of our free Pre-Divorce Checklist. 

Pre-Divorce Checklist

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If our personalized, straight forward approach sounds right to you, we encourage you to give us a call. Put Prelude on your side to help you have. 


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